Blog SEO Best Practices

What is blog SEO strategy?

Blog SEO strategy is a comprehensive plan to improve organic search results. This plan might include competitive research, keyword lists, or an optimization proposal.

Search engines make frequent updates. Business goals can change quickly too. However, it can take an average of three to six months for a post to rank on Google. Without a strategy, you might find yourself investing in your blog but not seeing a boost in SEO.

# Determine who your blog is intended for.

Use buyer personas to target readers based on their purchasing patterns, demographics, and psychographics. Without this knowledge, you risk writing material that is accurate and grammatically sound but that few readers will click on because it doesn’t resonate with them. Conduct keyword research.

# Conduct keyword research.

It’s time to determine what material your readers are interested in reading now that you’ve chosen your target demographic and created a buyer persona. If you don’t start off with a plan, keyword research can be a challenging endeavor to take on. As a result, I advise beginning with the subjects your blog will cover before broadening or narrowing your focus from there. Visit our keyword research how-to guide for a thorough lesson.

# Add visuals.

Design inventive graphics, employ unique images and videos, and add evocative alt text to each visual component in your blog post if you want to land a coveted slot in an image pack or a video clip.

Your image or video’s alt text has a significant impact on whether and how highly it ranks in the SERP. Screen readers need alt text in order for people with visual impairments to enjoy reading the information on your blog site.

# Craft an intriguing title.

The first thing a reader sees when they come across your article is the title of your blog post, which has a significant impact on whether they click or scroll down. A compelling title grabs the reader’s attention by using information, posing a query, or arousing curiosity.

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