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Sample Certificate and instruction on how to check Certificate Number


How to Know your Certificate Number

To generate your certificate number, follow these steps:

  • Take the first three letters of your name

    our name is a significant part of your identity, and the first three letters hold a special place in generating your certificate number.

  • Extract the last four numerics of your provided phone number

    Your phone number is a unique identifier, and the last four digits serve as a crucial element in creating your certificate number.

  • Add the first two letters of your course:

    The course you pursued at Locas Institute defines your educational journey. Adding the first two letters of your course name completes the process of generating your certificate numbe

Frequently Asked Questions


No, the certificate number serves as a unique identifier, and without it, the verification process cannot be completed.However,you can follow the steps given and generate your certificate number by providing some details.

Yes, Locas Institute employs robust security measures to protect personal information and ensure a safe verification process.

If you forget your certificate number, you can retrieve it by contacting Locas Institute's support team with appropriate identification.

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