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Spending Money yet unable to learn skill WHY?

Absence of basic knowledge

Nowadays,90% of students don’t get their expected salary even after completing the course as they’re unaware of the basic skills of computer. Even though the majority of them possess course-related certificates, they are even incapable of performing automation in Excel.


Absence of basic knowledge

No personalized Attention

For each type of student, coaching centers must create a unique set of learning techniques that aid in the understanding of the subject matter. Students taught using batches score badly on test data because the use of big batches reduces performance.

Insufficient method training

Students believe that studying 10 Excel formulae will teach them everything, yet the majority of these formulas can be found on YouTube. While studying graphic design, students imitate other people’s ideas and don’t understand the distinction between CMYK and RGB, although they believe they are experts.

insufficient training

No Industry relevance projects

The mismatch between the skills provided by training institutions and the skills required by the industry is one of several concerns. The lack of industry-faculty contact results in skill sets given by training institutions that do not ultimately meet the needs of employers.

no industry relevant

skill set

Have you studied a lot or taken a lot of free online courses, but you still feel like something is lacking or lack the confidence to put it into practice?YouTube the Excel sum formula even after acquiring a master’s degree. This is a result of a lack of confidence and skill set.

unsatisfactory skills

Unorganized course structure

With the help of Google, Youtube, and a wealth of other resources, it is much simpler to study and comprehend a topic. The teacher can aid students with their inquiries, provide answers to their uncertainties, and give them a realistic assessment of their skills.